Promo page

Date June 2017

Duration 2 hours 

Role Visual Designer

This project is an assignment part of application for a position of Visual Designer in agency.

With a focus on attraction millennials, design a promo page for bringing brand new juice product to the market. Product is served in prism tetra pak. Suggested colours are yellow, red, green. Translate vibes of summer, sun, active lifestyle, mobility. Think up an interactive feature block that could help to stand out from product competitors.

People say that new is well forgotten old. I put a nostalgic feeling of the childhood – to persuade parents to buy a mobile phone.

It's been a while since you held a button phone, right? Let's see if you remember how to text from it. Puzzle your friends with an SMS, share any message – let's get viral! Hashtag #YAY will be included automatically (YAY Juice is a fictional name of the product). 

Next project

Date August 2019

Duration 1 week 

Role Digital Designer